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The best thing that you can do when it comes to a relaxing vacation with your significant other, best friends, or family members is to head to a coastal area where you can put your toes in the water, feel the sunshine on your face, and forget all of your worries. Leave the stress at home and truly sit back, relax, and soak in the good vibes when you stay with us at 30A Beach Properties.

We know it can be stressful to keep an eye on your kids, stay on top of your work commitments, get straight A’s in school, and have a social life. That is why we create relaxing and laid-back luxurious properties that have everything you want and more, to make sure you have a fantastic stay in paradise.

Check out our Peaceful Cottage 30A beachfront rental if you are on a getaway with a group of your best friends or extended family members. Even though this place is huge, you will still be able to have an intimate vibe with your guests.

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Outside Space

Peaceful Cottage vacation home private pool

Once you drive up the front of the house, you will be blown away by the architecture, design, and location right on the edge of the bright blue water. Plus, when you head outside to the back of the house, you may never feel the need to leave the comfort of your private adobe.

The backyard of the house features a bright blue pool that is plenty big for you to swim laps, practice your breaststroke, or teach your kids how to swim. You can also lounge on the relaxing chairs, sit and read a book under the shade of the umbrella, and just kick back and relax with a cocktail as you sit in the warm weather.

Beautiful Kitchen

The bright lights, open-air floor plan, functional space, large windows, and comfortable furniture are great spots for you and your guests to chill out, relax, have a drink, watch TV, and enjoy one another’s company. The bright white interior, wicker furniture, large windows, and beach-style vibe make this a fun place to stay and hang out with your best friends.

Once you get a bit peckish from being outside all day long, taking a multi-hour road trip to get to this coastal location, or going swimming for hours on the beach, it might be time to whip up a quick snack for your friends. What to do now?

The good thing is that our beautiful and spacious kitchen makes it easy for you to cut up some fresh vegetables for a snack, pour a strong cocktail for your friends, or make a tasty five-course dinner that is going to be an unforgettable meal with your loved ones.

The kitchen offers a large granite countertop to use at your leisure, multiple cabinets, and stainless steel appliances that are great for any meal of the day. We make sure that even if you are not the best cook, you will enjoy using this kitchen as the focal point of the home.

Relaxing Bedrooms

Tired after a long day of surfing in the rough waves, lying down on the beach, or exploring the nearby town? We don’t blame you. Head inside and see which bedroom can work for your needs. We offer four king suites with private bathrooms so you can get a great night’s sleep during every single night of our stay with us.

One of our bedrooms has two twin beds and a private bath, making this a smart choice for teens or younger children who want their own privacy, but enjoy having a sleepover with one another. You can also make use of the bunk room with two bunk beds and two trundle beds with a private bathroom, so your younger kids can enjoy a private vacation on their own!

Comfortable Living Room

Our Peaceful Cottage 30A beachfront rental's dining area

Last but not least, the living room is a great place for you to chill out, hang out with your best friends, watch your favorite flick or show on the TV, gaze out of the bright windows to the blue water, and relax after a long day of being on the beach.

You can curl up on the couch and take a midday nap after being out in the heat, turn on the flatscreen TV to watch a Netflix show, or just sit and sip on an ice-cold beer in the summer temperatures in August.

The bright white furniture, decorative pillows, large windows, flatscreen TV, and air conditioner make this a fun place to simply relax, prop your feet up, and forget about all of your worries.

We make it easy for you to have the vacation of a lifetime. Our job at 30A Beach Properties is to give you everything you want, and more, during your stay. When you and your best friends book our Peaceful Cottage, we guarantee that you and your 14 best friends are going to have the vacation of a lifetime.

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Sometimes, you just need to get away. Whether that is a city getaway or a beach retreat, going on vacation is oftentimes needed so you can chill out, relax, and remember what is really important in life – spending quality time with your loved one! If you are in desperate need of a romantic weekend away with your partner, what better place than a 30A luxury rental in 30A Florida?

The Sunshine State offers pristine weather all year round, featuring blue skies, sunny weather, crashing blue waves, white sand beaches, and a cool breeze at night, which can help cool you off as you sit outside and have dinner. It is no wonder that people flock here from all over the world to experience the magic of Florida — and save money on long European airfare flights that can take over 8 hours!

Instead, why not head to 30A right in your backyard to enjoy the coastal life and ‘Old School’ Florida vibe? Forget the over-crowded Orlando and the kid-heavy place of Disney World and instead head here to chill out, relax, put your toes in the sand, and hop on the surfboard. We know you will have a blast!

If this sounds right up your alley, then check out Antigua Blue. This charming and small one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo offers a pristine view of the bright blue water, green space to spend time with your loved one or kids and see the sun stream through your window early in the morning.

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Modern Kitchen

Antigua Blue 30A luxury rental kitchen area

The modern kitchen in this house features stainless steel appliances, so you can whip up a healthy breakfast in no time at all! If you are in the mood to make sandwiches to bring to the beach, just use the refrigerator, granite countertop, and ample cabinet space to take out a few chips and some cold-cut meats. For those who are keen on making a huge dinner for any guests to have over, you can do so easily with the ample counter space and modern layout.

Cozy Living Room

Are you a bit tired after a long day of surfing, walking around the beach, going shopping, and having a few drinks as you watch the sun go down? We don’t blame you! If this is the case, it might be time to head to the cozy living room, turn on the TV, and watch your favorite flick or show before you head off to bed. The living room features a cozy couch and a flatscreen TV with all of your favorite channels.

Chill out and lie down on the wrap-around couch as you chat with your partner, discuss plans for the upcoming day, and draw the blinds closed on the large windows to wind down for the night. We love the open floor plan of this condo, making it feel even bigger than it already is and letting in natural light! And when you do want to go to bed, just draw the blinds, curl up on the couch, dim the lights, and watch a romantic flick with your date. What could be better on a relaxing vacation in a beautiful place? Nothing!

Comfortable Bedroom

We know that vacation can be tiring, especially if you have spent a long day getting here, unloading all of your luggage, and going to the beach. But don’t worry! Our cozy and comfortable bedroom will offer the perfect spot for you to rest your head at night. We guarantee you will get a full eight hours of sleep when you chill out in this spacious and relaxing bedroom.

Complete with lush furnishings, cozy pillows, fluffy blankets, and low lighting to really set the mood. Plus, with an attached bathroom, you can rinse the sand off of your feet and then curl into bed as you dream about plans for the upcoming days!


Amenities are key when it comes to making your action as stress-free and easy as possible! We offer enhanced cleaning practices so you can rest assured every single surface you touch has been thoroughly disinfected and ready for you to use.

We also offer self-check-in and self-check-out procedures that are simple and easy to follow. This gives you independence and ensures you don’t ‘feel like someone is watching over you the entire vacation! Plus, all of the towels and bedding are washed in super-hot water, so you can rest assured everything is clean, hygienic, and ready for you to use during your stay.

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Doesn’t this sound perfect? We think so too! 30A, Florida is arguably one of the best spots for you to chill out, reconnect with your partner, go to the beach, eat some mouthwatering seafood, and truly relax this vacation. When you book a home with 30A Beach Properties, we do all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is book Antigua Blue and get ready to have a relaxing weekend away!

Are you looking for a bright, beautiful, and modern penthouse that is located right by the water? You can wake up in the morning, head outside with a cup of coffee, sit on the balcony, and gaze at the bright blue water in the distance. We love the view from the patio that overlooks the brightly colored buildings, blue water, green space, and shops and stores down below. Talk about a relaxing and perfect vacation home! Crown Penthouse is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom 30A vacation home that is large enough for you and 3 other people.

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Living Room

The living room features a cozy couch, plush chairs, coffee table, and modern color scheme that is great for relaxing, having drinks with your friends, and enjoying a nice evening with your guests. We love the ample seating area that is plenty big for you and your loved ones! Prop your feet up on the coffee table and read a book during a hot afternoon. Or lie down on the couch and watch your favorite flick or show on the flat-screen TV while you relax at night.

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen in this home is great for making snacks, serving appetizers, creating happy hour drinks, or making a five-course dinner! We love the spacious layout of the kitchen, functionality, and modern touches that make this an easy-to-use kitchen – even for those who do not want to spend hours slaving away over a meal. The granite countertop with high top bar stools is ideal for serving happy hour drinks or having a cup of coffee in the morning. The wooden cabinets seamlessly match the chair and the floor for an aesthetic look. The stainless steel amenities offer a modern way to quickly fire up a fast lunch or cook a well-done steak on the stove!

Outdoor Space

The outdoor space is what makes this penthouse stand out among other people! The second bedroom has a private sunset balcony that offers lighting, a cozy couch, comfortable chairs, coffee table, and great views over the surrounding buildings. Plus, the home has a sun-facing deck that provides incredible views of Rosemary Beach and offers a great suntrap for you to tan, read, or have a morning cup of coffee.


Last but not least, the bedrooms are plenty cozy and spacious for you and your guests to spread out, relax, and get a full eight hours of sleep. The master bedroom offers a king-sized bed to rest your tired legs, a bath to soak in at night, and a balcony to take in the amazing views right when you wake up in the morning.

Plus, your guests will love the second bedroom that is just for them. This bedroom has a plush queen-size bed that is plenty big enough for one person to spread out or two people to share. Plus, with the adjacent bathroom and balcony, your guests will enjoy a life of luxury during their stay here!

If you travel with kids or younger adults, the cozy built-in bunk next to the living room is great for a kid who wants their independence and own space. This little nook is great for fitting an extra person who wants to crash for a night or two.

Things to Do in the Area

Another selling point of this pristine penthouse is the proximity to all there is to do in 30A! You can look right from your window or balcony to see the nearby shops, restaurants, and cafes that are literally out front of your doorstep. In just a minute or two from your front door, you can walk to the Boardwalk G, Coquina Pool, and Main Street.

We love going to Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar for a fine dining experience and amazing views, Restaurant Paradis for quality seafood, 30A Farmers Market, The Sugar Shack candy store, Rosemary Beach for surfing and swimming, Playa Bowls for a healthy breakfast, or 3rd Cup for a strong cup of coffee in the morning!


Not only is our property located in the best spot of 30A Beach, but you can make use of the private amenities that are just for our guests. Keep your clothes looking nice for a date night with our iron and ironing board. You can also use the private washer and dryer to rinse that sand off of your swimsuit and pack light! We provide our guests with a fully equipped kitchen to make any type of meal, along with wireless internet for remote working while you are away from home. Talk about convenience!

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If this sounds like the ideal place for you, then check out Crown Penthouse to explore the sunset views, green space, gulf access, and local town. We know that you are going to love your time here – and 30A Beach Properties can guarantee you will have the best vacation of your entire year!

We get it — you want to go to the beach, but you are sick and tired of going to the same place over and over every single year. If you always go to Ocean City in New Jersey, Tampa Bay in Florida, or Cape Cod in Maryland, you might want to switch it up a little bit. Either you are tired of the same old people, the same beaches, the same restaurants, or the same location. Whatever the reason, something new is often the solution!

We recommend heading to Rosemary Beach in Florida, a quieter and more serene alternative to some of the louder, more crowded, and more expensive beaches and coastal towns dotted along the United States coastline. Instead of spending a fortune to stay in an overpriced hotel room that is miles from the beach, we have a better solution.

Check out The Madison Cottage in Rosemary Beach. Located just off Route 30A Highway, this pristine and picturesque Rosemary Beach vacation rental is just a few minutes away from the Barbados Pool, offering the perfect respite on a hot and sunny day — which is almost every single day here during the long summer months!

Let’s check out the main perks of staying here for your upcoming holiday and why you should use 30A Beach properties to book a vacation of a lifetime! We will do all of the hard work for you, so all you have to do is show up. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too!

Exterior Space

All of our rental properties have private outdoor spaces and exterior areas that are perfect for your guests to relax and take full advantage of the property. For example, at Madison Cottage, we included a large upper-level deck that overlooks the picturesque town, filled with architecturally interesting houses, a white sand beach, and waves that go on forever. This is the ideal spot to sit and have a glass of wine and watch the sunset on a clear summer night or have a sip of a hot cup of coffee in the morning on a brisk fall day.

Plus, we also have outdoor courtyards and a back door entrance for complete privacy and functionality during your stay. You don’t have to worry about ringing a doorbell, going in and out of a hotel reception area, or having to “buzz into your house when you return after a long day at the beach. Instead, simply use your key and get into your property to access the front courtyard, back courtyard, or back shower area so you can rinse off before heading up the steps to your house.


All of your guests will love staying here during your vacation. Not only will everyone have their own room, but this massive home contains 4 bedrooms, ensuring every single person is happy with their bed, their views, and their amenities. Nobody will be complaining about getting the “worst” room here, because there isn’t one!

Kitchen Area

Not to mention, the kitchen area is a modern and spacious room in the house that is perfect for entertaining, making snacks, whipping up drinks, and serving a five-course dinner. Even if you are not a huge fan of being in the kitchen for hours on end, slaving away on a massive meal, you will love entertaining in this room, with its spacious floor plan, granite countertops, and modern vibe.

Common Areas

Last but not least, the common areas in this multi-story condominium are perfect for groups who are in the mood to spend time together! After all, you and your 12 best friends or a few couples are going to want to watch TV at night, play a board game in the living room, play a rousing game of cards at the dining room table, or have appetizers together in the kitchen. Our property makes all of that possible with our spacious shared spaces that are comfortable, cozy, and practical.

You will never feel cramped or crowded in this cottage. Our beach property offers lots of indoor and outdoor space, so you can always hang out with your friends, spend time with your family, or find your own area for solitude during your vacation. Sounds relaxing, right? That’s why we are the best property management company in the business!

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Are you thinking of going to Florida for your upcoming holiday, but you are tired of the crowds and overpriced hotels? We don’t blame you! Instead of going to Orlando or Disney World, where you are going to spend a fortune on a hotel with screaming children in the hallways, we have a better idea.

Use 30A Beach Properties to book The Madison Cottage today for your most relaxing and stress-free vacation yet — we guarantee you will come back year after year!