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Getting Around 30A

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Florida and the beach towns of 30A are the perfect place to plan your next getaway. It’s combination of year-round sun and warmth combined with easy access to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and its unending fun and exciting activities mean you won’t be short on things to do. Once you’re here, you’ll need a reliable way to get around to explore and experience everything that attracted you to the area. Check out your options for 30A transportation below!

Rental Vehicle

When you touch down at the airport, your mind is likely going in many directions at once. From where you stowed your carry-on to gathering your group together to exit the plane, just getting off the plane is a chore. As you go down your mental checklist, you may sigh in relief that your rental vehicle is waiting for you just beyond the doors of the airport rental desk, you’re just moments away from starting your vacation. It’s as simple as check in, grab the keys, and head off on your 30A adventure.

Beach Carts

A beach buggy golf cart is one of the bast ways to experience the beaches of 30A. Most companies offer street-legal carts that can get you and your loved ones around easily. Choose from four- or six-seater carts, each featuring headlights, blinkers, seat belts, and extra storage for all your beach gear. Quickly get from one beach to the next for a day full of beach fun that doesn’t stop to pack up the rental car and move on.

Your Own Feet

The beach towns of 30A are easily navigated on your own two feet. Whether you’re walking, hiking, or riding a bike, you can get some exercise and fresh Gulf air while getting where you want to go. Not every location is walkable, so make sure you have other 30A transportation for places further afield.


Historic Route 30A is only about 30 miles long when you consider the main route and its two connector roads. You’ll pass several miles of trails, unique coastal dune lakes, state parks, and 12 cozy seaside communities. With multiple places to stop along the way, the route is easily navigated on foot or by bike, as well as a rental vehicle. A fun way to get around is the 30A trolley. You can pay for a single one-way trip, day pass, or week pass per person. Tickets can be purchased at participating merchants, the online store, or directly from the conductor before boarding.

Your Starting Point for 30A Fun

When you stay in a vacation rental provided by 30A Beach Properties, you’ll enjoy spreading out to unwind and enjoy your vacation however you want. You’ll enjoy easy access to the many area attractions, along with unique shops, dining, and more in the surrounding area – no matter how you choose to get around. Contact us to book your 30A getaway today!