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Cafe 30A Restaurant

One of the best local businesses in 30A that is a must-visit during your stay in Florida is the Cafe 30A Restaurant in Seagrove Beach, Florida, 30A! This fine-dining establishment features a local menu with nearby produce and vegetables, eclectic offerings, fresh red and white wine, exciting cocktail drinks, and fast service. This is the best spot for a date night when you really want to impress!

Start with the jumbo lump crab cake with simple greens and Joe’s mustard sauce to split with the table. Pair this with the Pt. Judith Calamari with pickled jalapeno, spicy aioli, and basil lemon sauce to enjoy the seafood fresh from the water right outside of the restaurant! Then, we love the Grilled Filet Mignon or the Sesame Crusted Bluefin Tuna for the main dish. The filet features loaded mashed potatoes, baby carrots, balsamic grilled jumbo asparagus, and Worcestershire sauce for a filling and tasty meal.

Amavida Coffee and Tea

Amavida Coffee and Tea at Rosemary Beach is a family-owned business that features its own coffee-making and roasting facility just a few minutes away from the flagship store location. We love going here for a cup of coffee in the morning to help support a popular local business and keep this family-owned cafe up and running! This coffee and tea joint is popular among tourists and locals, featuring an industrial vibe and artwork on the walls. We recommend getting an Americano with oat or soy milk to get a real feel for the strength of the espresso and beans here!

You can also purchase some coffee brewing gear and merchandise to keep the Business doing well, such as the carbon-neutral company T-shirt with recycled fabric, Hyper Pure ceramic thermos to keep your coffee warm and hot, and the Coastal Dune Lake camp cup for camping trips!

Black Bear Bread Co.

Another popular and local spot that features a Parisian-style bakery and local cafe is Black Bear Bread Co. owned and run by Chef Phil McDonald and Dave Rauschkolb. These two entrepreneurs paired with the infamous Stumptown Coffee Roasters to create Black Bear Bread Co. in 30A to churn out tasty drinks and pastries for locals and visitors alike. You can head to Black Bear in Grayton Beach for private events, Seaside Florida for a cafe and bakery, Grand Boulevard for tasty coffee and bread, and Grayton Beach for the second location.

We recommend getting an Avocado tartine with house pickles, Za’atar sauce, and multigrain bread for a healthy way to start our day. The banana tart with whipped ricotta, local honey sea salt, chili, pecans, and mint on country sourdough is another popular option!

Amore by the sea

Amore by the Sea is a local eclectic tiny shop filled with unique items, breach treasures, vintage crafts, handmade items, and much more for you to bring home to family and friends. We love this cool and cute shop in Santa Rosa Beach to bring back souvenirs and shop for items for your house back home to decorate it just like the beach at 30A!

Anne Hunter Gallery

The Anne Hunter Gallery in 30A is home to a New Orleanian artist who has made her works a huge staple among the crowd in Florida today. Nell Tilton, the owner, and artist, has worked on her pieces since the late 1960s, featuring incredible pieces that would look great on your wall back at home or even as a gift for someone special! The Anne Hunter Galleries focus on collaborative series that you can browse during your visit, exhibitions with local artists, featured works that are available for purchase, and much more.

Local Businesses in 30A to Visit: Cocina Cubana

The Cocina Cubana in Seaside, FL, is one of the most well-known coffee roasters and restaurants in the entire area; eating fresh food, Cuban influence, Southwestern spices, and strong coffee that is sure to keep you going all day long. The food menu features a “create your own bowl” option with rice, mixed baby greens, vegan sweet potatoes and chickpeas, your choice of meat, and beans.

You can also go simple and choose a sandwich, such as the famous spicy Cubano with pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. Finish it off with an ice-cold beer for a fantastic lunch!

As you can see, there are so many local businesses and family-owned spots in 30A that you should really try to go to during your vacation here. Supporting local businesses and keeping them afloat is key to keeping this Old-World Florida town low-key and laid-back when compared to the more overrun and commercial spots like Orlando and Disney. Head to 30A today to check them out! You can use 30A Beach Properties to plan the holiday of a lifetime and get started on your fun-filled fall getaway.


Just because you are in Florida, it doesn’t mean every single day is going to be full of sunshine and warm weather! Although the majority of your time is spent in this pristine coastal part of the United States, you might still get a few odd days where it is cloudy, rainy, or cold. What now? Don’t fret! There is still SO much for you and your family to do during your vacation in the beautiful 30A, even when it is raining, hailing, windy, cloudy, or snowing — except it never really snows, so you can wear shorts all year round!

Let’s check out some of the best family-friendly activities in 30A that are great for kids of all ages when it comes to spending quality time with one another while vacationing in the Sunshine State.

Head Out for Some Shopping

Whether you are picking up a few souvenirs to bring back home, unique clothes from locally sourced vintage shops, produce from farmer’s market stalls, or high-end clothes from boutiques, there is a never-ending shopping list that you are going to want to hit during a rainy day. We think that some of the best indoor shopping areas include Destin Commons, Silver Sands Premium Outlets, and Gulf Place. Stay under cover from the rain and shop around at boutique shops and designer stores while keeping your kids entertained with play places, cafes, dessert stalls, and much more.

Make Some Artwork!

Making artwork is a great way to bond with your family. We recommend heading to The Shard Shop to enjoy an afternoon inside, bringing kids of all ages. This art-centric spot is ideal for those who are interested in artwork, such as painting or drawing, but no creativity or artistic inclination is needed! Head here to enjoy meeting Mary Hong and getting ready to paint a masterpiece. Plus, you can go to any one of the locations at Destin, Grand Boulevard, or Grayton Beach.

Watch a Movie

There is nothing better on a rainy day than snuggling up with your loved ones, sharing a huge bowl of popcorn, slurping on a soda, and watching a movie on the big screen. Head to one of the numerous movie theaters in and around 30A to watch a PG flick with your kids and spend quality time together. We recommend going to The Boulevard 10 on Grand Boulevard or The Grand 16 in Pier Park in Panama City Beach. You can even see a 3D movie at Boulevard 10, complete with a full drink and food menu for the complete experience!

Mini Golf with Your Teens

Challenge your teenagers to a friendly game of mini golf to see who has the best putting skills and is the most like Tiger Woods! Head to Rainforest Blacklight Golf in nearby Miramar Beach. You can also head inside to stay out of the rain and check out the numerous arcade games and filling food.

View Marine Life Up Close and Personal

One of the best things to do on a rainy or cold day is to head to Gulf World Marine Park to make the most out of a dreary day outside. You can get up close and personal with amazing creatures, such as manatees, dolphins, and flora and fauna you wouldn’t see out normally. We love spending an entire afternoon walking around, watching the professionals during their shows, and learning about these incredible animals that hail from native Florida.

Mobile Massage Therapy

Is it so rainy and cloudy that you don’t even want to leave your beloved rental property? We don’t blame you! If you are tired, hungover, or you simply don’t want to head outside to brave the elements with your large family, then hiring a mobile massage might be a fun thing for the entire family! Even though your kids may have never gotten a massage before, they will enjoy the fun of pedicures, manicures, head massages, or light foot massages to make them feel like they are truly being given royal treatment at a nearby spa. You can even rent a movie for your kids while you get a massage to keep them entertained!

WonderWorks Museum

Last but not least, it is good to learn something during your holiday! Keep your kids entertained and active by bringing them to this educational institution that is super fun. Instead of reading boring descriptions and walking around a silent museum, the WonderWorks Museum features incredible challenges, exhibitions, hands-on activities, and entertainment that is fun for the entire family.

Doesn’t this sound like a fun vacation, despite the potential for rain and wind? We think so too! Rent a property from 30A Beach Properties to have the holiday of a lifetime with your entire family. We guarantee that kids of all ages will love these activities — you will even forget about the weather!