Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, head outside to your private deck, and watch the sunrise come up over the bright blue water of Rosemary Beach? Fortunately for you, 30A Beach Properties has just the answer to your dreams. Instead of staying in a boring and bland hotel, hostel, or Airbnb as you head to the beach, we have a better idea. Staying right on the waterfront in a Rosemary Beach cottage rental is the best way to avoid using a car, head to the beach in just a few steps, set up an umbrella for the day, and make the most out of your time in the Sunshine State.

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Yaya’s Beach Cottage

Check out Yaya’s Beach Cottage, a sprawling home with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and enough space to fit you and 9 other people. Not only can you all spread out and get a full 8 hours of sleep in one of the many bedrooms, but you can spend time with your loved ones in the cozy living room, share a meal at the dining room table, and watch your favorite movie on the smart TV in the spacious living room.

Pristine Detailing

As soon as you enter this modern and pristine beach house, your breath will be taken away by the level of detail. We offer cool lighting fixtures, wooden detailing, push white couches, wooden flooring, and high ceilings that make the house feel even bigger than it already is. Sit down on one of the large, white couches, or sit in one of the plush and cozy chairs as you chat with your guests. You can all sit in the living room and decompress from a long day of travel before getting ready to head to the beach.

The living room is located right near the kitchen and dining room, so you can sit here with your loved ones, play a game of cards, prop your feet up on the glass coffee table, and have a few drinks before exploring the bustling town around you.

Modern Kitchen

If you are hungry after a long day of traveling in the car or by plane, then it might be time for a quick lunch before hitting the waves. Head into the large kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel kitchen amenities, unique lighting fixtures, and white cabinets to store all of your food. Even people who do not enjoy cooking will love this kitchen!

Spread out all of your food and drinks on the ample granite counter space as your guests sit at the high-top bar stools. You can make a fresh pot of coffee to wake your guests up early in the morning. If you are really feeling generous, use the stainless steel oven, stove, and microwave to cook up a hearty breakfast before tackling the day.

Dining Room

Serve the meal at the large dining room table, conveniently located as part of the open floor plan by the living room and kitchen. Your guests can sit wherever they like, as we make sure that every single one of your loved ones will have a comfortable place to sit at any time of the day. No one will ever feel crowded or cramped when you stay in this modern and luxurious beach ‘cottage’!

Private Deck

You are staying in Florida – so you might want to sit outside and eat before you head to the beach. We don’t blame you! With the large deck space and private outdoor area, there is no wonder that you want to spend all of your time in the bright sunshine and soaking in the cool, ocean breeze. The private decking offers a pristine view of the bright blue water, giving you the ideal spot to sit with a cup of coffee early in the morning and plot your plan for the vacation week.

Cozy Beds

After a long day of settling into your new house, going to the beach, and sitting outside having a few drinks during happy hour, it might be time for an early night. Head to one of the four bedrooms to unpack your clothes, curl up in the plush bed, lay your head on the pillow, and decompress from a day of traveling. With the number of bedrooms in this house, you can rest assured all of your guests will be able to relax in their new home.

Not to mention, our bedrooms are immaculately designed, spacious, and cozy, providing all 10 guests with tons of space to put away their clothes, turn on the TV and watch a show before bed, and spread out in the large beds before drawing the curtains closed and getting a restful night of sleep.

30A Beach Properties guarantees that you and your loved ones will love Yaya’s Beach Cottage. This sprawling house leaves no stone unturned, featuring immaculate detailing, ample space, tons of seating areas, and a perfect location that is right on the water. What more could you want for your upcoming vacation?

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